12tribes.com – The Breakdown of Revelation (The Seven Seals)

Before reading the First Seal, please read the following reports/breakdowns: Daniel Chapter 7 (The Four Kingdoms) and 2 Esdras Chapters 11 and 12 (The Fourth Kingdom).

It should be noted that the prophecies’ concerning the seven heads of the beast, see Revelation 13:1 is the First Seal. The prophecies’ concerning the seventh head of the beast (The Eagle's right head, see 2 Esdras 11:35) is the Second Seal.  

The Most High has measured the times and numbered them, see 2 Esdras 4:36-37, the visions for each seal, symbolize and proclaim the fulfillment of time wherein the Most High will unleash his prophecies.

After reading this report the reader should understand the following;


That the prophecies concerning wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes are the initial signs of Christ’s second coming;


That the seven heads of the beast are seven kings that shall rise to power in the earth.

Message to reader: The First Seal

The First Seal

Revelation 6:1: “And I” [John] “saw when the Lamb" [Christ] "opened one of the seals,” [Christ opened the First Seal of the book that he received from the Most High, see Revelation 5:5, 7] “and I” [John] “heard, as it were the noise of thunder,” [The voice of] “one of the four beasts” [See Revelation 4:6-7] “saying, Come and see.” The vision of the First Seal;

Revelation 6:2: “And I” [John] “saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

This vision represents the changes that will occur in the earth, power shall be given to the seven heads of the beast/kings.

Message to reader: The First Seal

The following prophesies are contained in The First Seal. It should be noted: That some scriptures will appear in both the First and Second Seals. However, the prophecies are different. The Second Seal is the prophecies of the seventh (7th) head/king (The Eagle’s right head) rise to world dominance. 

The Sign Of Thy Coming

Message to reader: Matthew 24:3-8

Christ explains the signs/events/prophecies that will take place in the earth before he returns/his second coming.

Matthew 24:3: “And as he” [Jesus] “sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples" [Peter, James, John and Andrew, see Mark 13:3] "came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be?" [The Great Earthquake/The Day of the Lord, answered in verse 36] "and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” Answered in Matthew 24:29-30 and Luke 21:25-27.

Matthew 24:4: “And Jesus answered and said unto them,” [Peter, James, John and Andrew] “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

Matthew 24:5: “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Matthew 24:6: “And ye” [Peter, James, John and Andrew] “shall hear of wars and rumours of wars:" [Peter, James, John and Andrew will be brought back in the last day, before the return of Christ, they will hear of wars and rumours of wars, see John 6:39-40] "see that ye” [Peter, James, John and Andrew] “be not troubled: for all these things” [False Christ, wars and rumors of wars] “must come to pass, but the end" [The Great Earthquake/The Day of the Lord/The coming of Christ] "is not yet.”

Matthew 24:7: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” See 2 Esdras 11:1, 3 and 2 Esdras 12:21-28.

Matthew 24:8: “All these” [Wars and rumours of wars, nations rising against nations, etc.] “are the beginning of sorrows.”

Satan Gives Power To Seven Kings

Revelation 13:1: “And I" [John] "stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads" [The rise of the Seven Kings (The Eagle’s third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Contrary Feathers along with the Eagle’s Three Heads), explained below in 2 Esdras 11:25-34] "and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns," [See Daniel 7:24 and Revelation 17:12] "and upon his heads" [Kings/leaders] "the name of blasphemy.”

Revelation 13:2: “And the beast” [The beast with seven heads and ten horns] “which I" [John] "saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon” [Satan] “gave him" [The beast with seven heads and ten horns] "his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

Time Period: The First Seal

Message to reader: The Four Contrary Feathers and Three Heads

2 Esdras 11:25 takes place in the First Seal, see Revelation 6:1-2, it is also the beginning of the beast with seven heads and ten horns; the remaining four contrary feathers and three heads of the Eagle are the seven heads of the beast in Revelation 13:1.

2 Esdras 11:25: “And I” [Esdras] “beheld, and, lo, the feathers” [The third, fourth, fifth and sixth  contrary feathers/kings] “that were under the wing thought to set up themselves and to have the rule."

2 Esdras 11:26: “And I” [Esdras] “beheld, and, lo, there was one [The third Contrary Feather/King (The first head of the beast, see Revelation 13:1)] “set up, but shortly it appeared no more.” Died.

2 Esdras 11:27: “And the second [The fourth Contrary Feather/King (The second head of the beast)] “was sooner away than the first.” Died.

2 Esdras 11:28: “And I” [Esdras] “beheld, and, lo, the two [The fifth and the sixth Contrary Feathers/King (The third and fourth heads of the beast)] “that remained thought also in themselves to reign:”

2 Esdras 11:29: “And when they” [The fifth and the sixth Contrary Feathers/Kings] “so thought, behold, there awaked one of the” [Three] heads that were at rest, namely, it that was in the midst;” [Middle/the first head (The fifth head of the beast)] “for that was greater than the two other heads.” See verse 4.

2 Esdras 11:30: “And then I” [Esdras] “saw that the two other heads" [The second and third heads (The sixth and seventh heads of the beast] "were joined” [Awoken] “with it.” The head in the midst/middle, see 2 Esdras 12:23-25.

2 Esdras 11:31: “And, behold, the head” [In the middle/fifth head of the beast] “was turned with them” [The two other heads/sixth and seventh heads of the beast] “that were with it," [The head in the middle] "and did eat up” [Kill] “the two feathers" [The fifth and the sixth Contrary Feathers/Kings (The third and fourth heads of the beast)] "under the wing that would have reigned.”

2 Esdras 11:32: “But this” [Middle] “head put the whole earth in fear, and bare rule in it over all those that dwelt upon the earth with much oppression; and it had the governance: [Rule] "of the world more” [Longer] “than all the wings” [Six of the eight contrary feathers/kings] “that had been.”

2 Esdras 11:33: “And after this I” [Esdras] “beheld, and, lo, the head that was in the midst” [Middle, the fifth head of the beast] “suddenly appeared no more,” [Died, see 2 Esdras 12:26] “like as the wings.” Six of the eight contrary feathers/kings that died, see 2 Esdras 12:21.

2 Esdras 11:34: “But there remained the two heads, which also in like sort" [With much oppression, see verse 32] "ruled upon the earth, and over those that dwelt therein.”

Time Period: The First Seal

2 Esdras 12:21: “And two of them" [The first and second Contrary Feathers/kings] "shall perish,” [Die] “the middle time approaching:” [See 2 Esdras 11:22] “four" [The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Contrary Feathers (The first four heads of the beast, see Revelation 13:1)] "shall be kept until their" [The eagle's] "end begin to approach:” [The signs of the second coming of Christ, see Matthew 24:6-8] “but two [The seventh and eighth Contrary Feathers (The Beast whose deadly wound was healed, and the False Prophet)] “shall be kept unto the end.”

2 Esdras 12:22: “And whereas thou sawest three heads resting," [See 2 Esdras 11:4; the fifth, sixth and seventh heads of the beast] "this is the interpretation:”

2 Esdras 12:23: “In his” [The Eagle/Fourth Kingdom’s] “last days” [The latter end of the Eagle’s dominion] “shall the most High raise up three kingdoms, and renew many things therein, and they” [The three heads/kings; which are the fifth, sixth and seventh heads of the beast] “shall have the dominion” [Ruler ship] “of the earth,”

2 Esdras 12:24: “And of those that dwell therein, with much oppression, above all those” [Kings/rulers of the eagle/Fourth Kingdom] “that were before them:” [The three heads] “therefore are they called the heads of the eagle.”

2 Esdras 12:25: “For these are they” [The three heads of the Eagle] “that shall accomplish his” [The eagle’s] “wickedness, and that shall finish his” [The eagle’s] “last end.”

2 Esdras 12:26: “And whereas thou sawest that the great head [The head/king in the middle, see 2 Esdras 11:4 (The fifth head of the beast)] “appeared no more,” [ Died, see 2 Esdras 11:33] “it signifieth that one of them” [The great head/king in the middle (The fifth head of the beast)] “shall die upon his bed, and yet with pain.”

2 Esdras 12:27: “For the two [Heads (The sixth and seventh heads of the beast)] “that remain shall be slain with the sword.”

2 Esdras 12:28: “For the sword of the one [The head on the right (The seventh head of the beast)] “shall devour” [Kill] “the other:” [The head on the left, see 2 Esdras 11:35 (The sixth head of the beast)]...


This diagram represents an overview of the First Seal.