Revelation 22:6

Revelation 22:6: “And he” [The angel] “said unto me,” [John] “These sayings” [Prophecies] “are faithful and true:” [They will come to pass!] “and the Lord God" [Christ] "of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants” [The Servants of God/144,000] “the things” [Prophecies] “which must shortly be done.”

Revelation 1:1

Revelation 1:1: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him,” [Christ] “to shew unto his servants" [The 144,000] "things which must shortly come to pass; and he” [Christ] sent and signified it by his angel [One of the seven angels which had the seven vials] “unto his servant John:” The servants of the Lord are the 144,000.