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The Fourth Seal (Table of Content)

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The Fourth Seal

Revelation 6:7-8: The opening of the Fourth Seal

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Vision of the Woman, Child, and Dragon

Revelation 12:1-17: The Woman, Child, Dragon and Satan cast out of heaven

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The Beast Whose Deadly Wound Was Healed

Revelation 13:3-18: The Beast whose deadly wound was healed and the False Prophet

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The Two Witnesses

Revelation 11:3-6: Power given unto the Two Witnesses

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The Judgment of the Great Whore

Revelation 17:1-18: The judgment of the great whore and the Beast whose deadly wound was healed

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The 144,000 (The Firstfruit)

Revelation 14:1-13: The firstfruits unto God and the Lamb (Christ)

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