1 Esdras 1:39-41, 52-57

The Kingdom of Babylon

1 Esdras 1:39: "Five and twenty years old was Joacim when he was made king in the land of Judea and Jerusalem; and he did evil before the Lord."

1 Esdras 1:40: "Wherefore against him Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon came up, and bound him with a chain of brass, and carried him into Babylon."

1 Esdras 1:41: "Nabuchodonosor also took of the holy vessels of the Lord, and carried them away, and set them in his own temple at Babylon."

1 Esdras 1:52: "So far forth, that he," [The Most High] "being wroth with his people for their great ungodliness, commanded the kings of the Chaldees to come up against them;"

1 Esdras 1:53: "Who slew their young men with the sword, yea, even within the compass of their holy temple, and spared neither young man nor maid, old man nor child, among them; for he delivered all into their hands."

1 Esdras 1:54: "And they took all the holy vessels of the Lord, both great and small, with the vessels of the ark of God, and the king's treasures, and carried them away into Babylon."

1 Esdras 1:55: "As for the house of the Lord, they burnt it, and brake down the walls of Jerusalem, and set fire upon her towers:"

1 Esdras 1:56: "And as for her glorious things, they never ceased till they had consumed and brought them all to nought: and the people that were not slain with the sword he carried unto Babylon:"

1 Esdras 1:57: "Who became servants to him and his children..."